Incredible Homemade Face Mask Recipes

Everyone loves a little pampering with skin care products and beauty treatments, but not the harsh chemicals and lofty price tags. If you want clean, glowing skin, you probably have everything you need right in your own kitchen. 

Lemon And Honey Face Mask

You want to take better care of your skin, This homemade face mask will leave your skin feeling fresh, clean, and moisturized. Lemons are filled with AHA’s and BHA’s which remove dead skin cells and help clear up blackheads, acne, and discoloration, while honey is a natural antioxidant and antibacterial.
To prep your skin before any face mask, pour boiling hot water in a bowl and stand above it letting the steam open your pores. Mix one tablespoon of organic raw honey and half a squeezed lemon in to a bowl and apply all over your face, avoiding the eye area. Now, let your skin soak up all this goodness for 15-30 minutes (depending on how sensitive your skin is). Wash away with warm water, finishing with one splash of cold water to close your pores. Pat gently with a towel to dry. Let your skin breathe for the rest of the day, or follow up with your favorite moisturizer/serum.

What you’ll need:
½ Organic Lemon
1 tbsp. Organic Raw Honey
1 Mixing Bowl
1 Spoon


Egg Face Mask

This once a day miracle egg white mask will make your skin glow and always gives great results.
It is easy to prepare and it will nourish your skin thoroughly giving you a radiant complexion. It only takes a few minutes to prepare and after leaving it on your skin for 15-20 minutes you can enjoy the results. It really is one of the most versatile skin care masks I know of. You just have to separate the whites from the yolk and beat it well with a fork or by using a blender, it will end up looking like foam. Apply it on your freshly cleansed skin and leave it to work for 15 minutes. When you feel your skin tightening up, gently remove the egg white, with a cloth soaked in warm water. The result will pleasantly surprise you as your skin will radiate with freshness!

 What you’ll need:
1 Egg White
1 Blender

Milk And Brown Sugar Face MASK

Here’s another way to give yourself a fancy spa facial at home. Milk and honey have been used since the ancient times for beauty, including Queen Cleopatra of ancient Egypt! First place the brown sugar in a small bowl, than ddd 3 tbsp. of 2% milk. Stir in 1 tbsp. all natural honey, peel and slice two pieces of cucumber to place over your eyes. Wash your face gently with warm water and pat dry. Apply the milk face mask to your face and neck, massaging gently for a few minutes. Place the cucumber over your eyes and relax for 20 minutes. Then, wash your face with warm water and gently pat dry.

What you’ll need:
1/2 cup of brown sugar
3 tbsp. 2% milk
1 tbsp. all natural honey
1 cucumber


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