All about makeup removal

This is perhaps THE most important gesture in your beauty routine: make-up removal. Even if you don't wear makeup, or very little, it is essential to adopt the double cleaning every night. This helps rid your skin of impurities and pollution accumulated during the day. Here's how to properly use the different makeup removers to cleanse your face!

















oil makeup

Take off the makeup on your face Cleansing with oil, oil makeup removal has many advantages. Cleansing oils remove all types of makeup, even waterproof while respecting the most sensitive skin.

To use it well, take a little product in your hands. Then apply the cleansing oil to your face with your hands. To dissolve all makeup and impurities, massage your fingers in circular motions all over your face.


Micellar water

Micellar waters contain "micelles". These are small molecules made of surfactants, like those contained in soaps. These surfactants trap impurities and makeup. Spread a cotton pad soaked in the product on your face without rubbing. Touch the skin in circular motions with the cotton. Repeat the operation with clean cottons, until you no longer see traces of makeup on it. Micellar water is suitable for all skin types. But if your skin is sensitive, prefer a frozen texture or smooth micellar milk that will be applied to the fingers. Cotton rubs on the skin can irritate it.


Cleansing milk

Cleansing milk is indicated for dry or sensitive skin. If you have oily skin you can also use it, but be careful to check that it does not contain comedogenic ingredients, which are responsible for acne. Deposit the milk on your cotton and pass it over your face gently, without rubbing too hard. Repeat with a new cotton is more product until you no longer see traces of makeup on the cotton. If your skin tends to react (redness, overheating), you can also apply your milk to your fingers to remove make-up. The creamy texture of the milk lends itself well to this use. Remove excess product with a tissue without rubbing, before rinsing.


Cleansing gel

The cleaning gel Cleansing gels are more suitable for oily skin. On the contrary, they are not very suitable for sensitive skin because often a little too "strippers". Therefore, avoid using it every day to cleanse your face. Try alternating with another type of cleansing, so as not to dry your skin too much. The make-up removing gel is used with lukewarm water, especially not hot. Emulsify in your hands before applying it by massaging on your face. Avoid the eye area. Cleansing foam or foaming cream They are a good alternative to cleansing gel because they are less drying. If you have sensitive skin, be careful to choose a soap-free formula. Like the gel, emulsify in your hands before massaging your face. Avoid the eye area and rinse with plenty of water.

Tonic lotion

The tonic lotion is an aqueous product.It is therefore used more with a cotton, so watch out for sensitive skin! To avoid overheating your skin, gently tap the cotton on the face, without rubbing. Renew if necessary, your cotton should be white after passing it over your face.

After these 2 steps, it's time to soothe your skin, for example by applying a few drops of soothing blueberry floral water, or even with thermal water. Your skin is now ready to receive its care: serum, moisturizer!

Whichever makeup and cleansing solutions you choose to use, it’s important to apply moisturizer afterwards. Don’t bother to dry off before completing this step, since it’s actually best to apply moisturizer directly to skin while it’s damp, as this can help lock in more hydration.


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